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The plateau hacker

Joris is no stranger to conquering plateaus of his own. He literally had to re-learn how to walk in his mid-20s. And at 19, he moved to Australia alone, taught himself English, and got into The University of Technology Sydney before heading to the University of Miami and then Stanford to further his education.

Over the past 15 years, he started his own businesses, worked in the private sector, and has helped leading companies get unstuck and thrive by unlocking their leader’s unique superpowers to get them to the next stage of peak performance.

If you’re feeling a little stuck, isolated, or with no real way forward, Joris is, thankfully, a bit like a Formula 1 pit stop that takes away all the excess fat and faulty parts. With his own unique set of skills and approaches to plateau hacking, improving employee engagement, and developing conscious and empathetic leaders, he’ll fuel you (or your company) to the next level.

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And then Covid Happened...

Now, with a full professional set-up all of Joris’s sessions work online with (nearly) the same level of intimacy as an in-person session. You’ll (barely) notice a difference. And even if you do, the results won’t.
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Case Study - Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

Watch our client share their journey of pushing through their own plateau’s, resulting in everything from a reputation turnaround to a culture change and lasting, game-changing transformations. (full case study coming soon)

It's about partnering towards a common outcome!

I am consistently inspired by the people and brands I am privileged to work with.

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Which famous leader are you?

Take the quiz to identify your unique leadership style, archetype and the plateau you may be stagnating on plus your opportunities for growth.

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